What we do ?

At SHIPTAO, we have several services available to our customers. The first is completely free and absolutely necessary, which is why we have to provide this service without spending any money. The second is not very necessary, but you may need it sometimes, so you can order the service at a reasonable price.

Regardless of whether you use additional services, we will always ensure that your products are 100% compliant with your order and have the best quality.

Free Services

We offer a number of free services to each SHIPTAO customer to provide the best price and highest quality:


We take a photo of the product and upload it to our SHIPTAO customer profile so that the customer can view the product before we ship it.

Delivery options

We work with the best courier companies to get better service and more reasonable prices. If our customers rely on other companies, we also fully in accordance with the wishes of customers choose the customer specified delivery.

Purchase Service

If you do not have enough time, we will buy for you. And is the best price for you to buy the best quality. This series of services are free of charge.

Of course, from the purchase to the receipt of the entire process, we will be the progress of each process and about how much money and other information to update, so that customers know.

Additional services

We provide our customers with additional services to ensure better quality and safer transportation.

Safe packaging

For glass products and other fragile products or sensitive parts, the customer can ask us to use the safest way to package it, to prevent damage to goods during transit. The amount is $ 1.5.

Change / Return

Before we ship, if the product is not the customer wants, we will return the money back to the customer, without deducting any additional funds, even freight.


For customers who buy electronic products and any other machines, we can try it out for our customers and test it to make sure it is perfect before we ship. We will show customers the video on which his product is being tested.

General services

We also provide some general services, some of our customers like to use these services.

Verify companies

As China has a large number of companies, we can help customers verify these companies to ensure that it is a customer can trust the company.

Shipping options

Although we are working with the world’s most outstanding shipping companies, but customers are still free to choose any company to transport his goods, and can choose the mode of transport, the time required and the required cost.

All of our services, we will put the interests of its clients first, we will be happy to help you, in the best way to meet your needs. For more information about all this topic or other services you can contact us at the following email Us : contact@shiptao.com